Jaime Casadesús

Jaime Casadesús Cabrero was born on June 10th 1936 in Barcelona, Spain.

He took mechanics at the Industrial School in Barcelona, and for quite a few years he worked in the automotive industry. His first steps in the field of industrial furniture design go back to Guilleumas S.A., where he designed and developed a large amount of solid wood items, both for the home and contract. In 1973 he founded his own company, CasaDesús, to which he devoted 100% of his efforts throughout the years, both as general manager and a talented artist himself. Together with his partners, in 1977 he created Aderb Gual, a furniture manufacturing plant producing sofas, chairs, buffets, beds and sitting-room collections, just to mention some items. His designs have been exhibited in prestigious worldwide trade fairs, such as ICFF New York, Cosmit Milan, Imm Colonia, FIM Valencia or Paris.