FROM 1.973

CasaDesús was founded in 1973 by Jaime Casadesús. Today, it is a family owned Company guided by a spirit of avant-garde design committed to quality, innovation, functionality of all its products. Even though we focus on producing contemporary designs, we hold on to traditional craftsmanship due to our extensive experience. At CasaDesús, the entire production process is carried out internally and we employ an exhaustive control of quality and offer personalized products.

Attentive to minimal details, we aspire for perfection and find a way into the lifestyles filling the most welcoming homes of today a recognizable CasaDesús lifestyle. CasaDesús collaborates closely with renowned designers from Italy and Spain such as: Giancarlo Vegni, Gianfranco Gualtierotti, Ximo Roca, Marcus Ferreira and Carles Ferruz. From these relationships, ideas, products, collections and finishes are born. This allows us to work both nationally and internationally, positioning and making our brand recognizable worldwide.